A$AP Rocky
Amazon Music Live​​​​​​​
Amazon Creative Directors: Ed Walker, Kyle Goldberg
Amazon Executive Producer: Dana Kurth
Director: Kerry Asmussen
DOP: Chase Smith
Production Designer / Technical Director: Mike Smith
Show Director: Cate Carter
Production Manager: Chris Booth
Production Assistant: Hannah Johnson
Lighting Director: Dom Adams
Screens Director: Joe Lott
Video Programmer: Jeremy Mayo
Content Creative Director: Damian Hale
Content Producer: Giles Maunsell
On-Site Producer: Julia Goldberg
Design and Animation: Ben Adam-Harris, Jim Greenslade, Karen Munoz, Kooch Chung, Rosalvo Melo
Notch Design: Brett Bolton
Technical Coordinator: Dylan Steenkamp
Lighting and Automation: Upstaging Inc
Video: Screenworks
Staging and Screen Automation: All Access 
Scenic Suppliers: Jon Perry Scenic, Strongarm, SewWhat
Broadcast: Contrast
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