U2:UV Sphere Las Vegas
Director: Willie Williams
Technical Director: Brandon Kraemer
Producer: Lizzie Pocock
Associate Director: Mike Smith
Project Manager: Julia Goldberg
Executive Producer: Sam Pattinson
Design & Animation: Gareth Blayney, Tim Booth, Charlie Broome, Kooch Chung,
Andy Evans, Jim Greenslade, Brandon Kraemer, Rosalvo Melo, Sam Munnings, Nick Reyniers,
James Rushton, Susana Yamamoto
Notch Design: Brett Bolton
Creative Technologists: Lee Sampson, Dylan Steenkamp
Pipeline & Delivery Manager: Kelly Fin
Editor: Warren Chapman
Research: Matthew Sanger, Austin Shaw
Sound Design: Declan Gaffney
Storyboard Artist: Gabriel Schucan
Legal: Will Everitt for Lee & Thompson
Concept & Original Design: Samples of ZooTV 1992 by Mark Pellington
Stage Generative colours: Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers
Photos provided by: Treatment, Stufish, Rich Fury and Kevin Mazur.
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